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kitten season is HERE!


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Kitten season is HERE

Kitten season is here and we are gathering a few other animal lovers to help!

By raising $1000 we can spay 35 cats, we can only imagine how many kittens that will save.

The Community Cats Podcast is willing to match the first $1,000 so the impact of your donation will be DOUBLED!!!

Our mission this season is:

To not only raise money but also raise awareness!

Through our campaigns, we will be reaching out to our friends & family while educating them about the importance of trap neuter vaccinate & return. ( TNVR)

"Tipping" an outdoor cat's ear means someone cared. This has helped us identify which cats in the neighborhood have been fed, spayed/neutered and have been vaccinated against rabies. When a cat's ear is tipped it means our neighbors have done their job and so have we! Our goal is to reach all cats who do not have a tip in their ear.

By "snipping" ( spaying and neutering) we are preventing future unhealthy kitten litters from suffering!

FACT: A single unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce MORE THAN 400,000 cats in their life time. A kitten as young as 4 months can become a mother and that is unthinkable.

There are so many caregivers who feed outdoor community cats, but many of them cannot afford the costs of having them spayed/neutered & vaccinated.

This puts outdoor cats at risk of having more litters and can lead to many health concerns for them and their future kittens.


prevents killing

saves money

reduces the outdoor cat population

Creates a healthier community via vaccination

& most importantly saves KITTENS!

Will YOU & your friends help us continue our mission of preventing unhealthy litters by creating your own fundraiser ?

By raising $1000 we can spay 35 cats, we can only imagine how many kittens that will save. NO donation is too BIG or SMALL!

Funds will go to :

  • Spay and neuter surgery and recovery
  • Emergency medical costs
  • Educational materials
  • Trapping/operational supplies (i.e. traps, zip ties, carabiners, etc.)
  • Marketing and outreach expenses
  • And of course cat food!

It is because of the generosity and compassion of our volunteers and donors that we were able to spay/neuter over 500 cats and transfer over 50 cats and kittens to our partner rescue organizations in 2019 alone.

The grand total of cats that have been spayed/neutered since our founding in April of 2017 is 1,183.

Also: CPAW NJ is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 81-4821507. All donations are tax deductible.

Let's save as many kittens we can this spring!

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