Spay it Forward 2020

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Let's all be good neighbors and Spay it Forward this year by keeping community cats healthy and our neighbors informed about the lifesaving practice of Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return (TNVR!)

Our mission in 2020 is to increase awareness through education and outreach so that people and community cats can live cohesively and peacefully in their shared neighborhood. This year we hope to lift up caregivers of community cats, work with local governments to promote and fund TNVR, and teach people how they can trap themselves so they can take action and fix the problem in their own backyard.

Spay it Forward means that you not only help a cat or cats in your community but that you also talk with your neighbors about the importance of spay and neuter and the various ways in which they can help. By spaying and neutering community cats we are preventing future unhealthy litters and suffering. And when cats are spayed/neutered, many nuisance behaviors, like howling and spraying, stop - so cats will also become better neighbors!

Our Mission

Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return is proven to be the most humane and effective long-term solution to cat overpopulation and in reducing shelter intake. TNVR prevents killing, saves money, and creates a healthier community through vaccinating cats against rabies and reducing the outdoor cat population over time by spaying and neutering as many outdoor cats as possible. CLICK HERE to read an article that goes further into depth about the effectiveness of TNVR (written by CPAW NJ's co-founder and president, Karen Shinevar!) The article begins on page 18.

It is because of the generosity and compassion of our volunteers and donors that we were able to spay/neuter over 500 cats and transfer over 50 cats and kittens to our partner rescue organizations in 2019 alone.

The grand total of cats that have been spayed/neutered since our founding in April of 2017 is 1,183.

YOU can help us continue this lifesaving mission!

The Breakdown

Your donation will go towards:

  • Spay and neuter surgery and recovery
  • Emergency medical costs
  • Educational materials
  • Trapping/operational supplies (i.e. traps, zip ties, carabiners, etc.)
  • Marketing and outreach expenses
  • And of course cat food!

CPAW NJ is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 81-4821507. Your donations are tax deductible.