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Make Life Saving Treatment Possible

Provide Extraordinary Medical Care for Outdoor Cats

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Undoubtedly, the number 1 mission of CPAW NJ is TNVR, but we have come to realize that most colony cats need some level of additional medical care and these costs severely drive up our expenses and reduce our ability to fund the projected number of spay/neuter surgeries each year.

The term "emergency medical" can include many treatments and medical procedures......all of which are deemed necessary to give quality of life to the cat in need.

In some cases, the cat may need antibiotics, fluids, or treatment for an abscess or injury....or the cat may need something as serious as a tail or limb amputation, eye removal , hospitalization or even (sadly) euthanization and cremation when they are physically beyond the point that they can rebound from the injury or illness.

Your contribution will allow us the ability to provide sick and injured colony cats with the critical care they need to be releived of pain and infection, so they can live a healthier life and will give us the chance to provide funding for colony caregiver's who need assistance with an injured or ill cat in their colony.