Beat the Heat 2019

Spay/Neuter Saves Lives

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Spay/Neuter Saves Lives

Did you know a kitten can become pregnant at 4 months?

Making low cost spay/neuter available as widely as possible is our 2019 goal. As you can see from the Community Cat Pyramid from Community Cat Podcast, this will make the SINGLE LARGEST DIFFERENCE in reducing outdoor cat population, shelter intake, and save lives!

Did you know that one unaltered female cat can have up to 20 babies in a single year and that those offspring can begin to reproduce at only four months old? Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ (CPAW NJ) is committed to keeping cats out of shelters by controlling the outdoor cat population through Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return and preventing surrenders through behavioral intervention counseling.

With winter fast approaching, we are more dedicated than ever to promoting humane population control for outdoor cats. It is because of your kindness, compassion and generousity that CPAW NJ has been able to help spay and neuter more than 500 cats this year and place more than 80 cats and kittens in rescues or permenant homes.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to help us change the lives of even more animals by making a donation today! Every dollar goes to improve the lives of community cats who desperately need our help.

CPAW NJ is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 81-4821507. Your donations are tax deductible.