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Will "Rue" Be My Valentine?

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Usually, when a trap door closes, there's a rush of excitement and hope. But last weekend, when our trappers got close, they knew something was very wrong.

Rue was inside with a collar wrapped dangerously around her neck and shoulder. It was obvious it had been that way for quite some time. Her hair was patchy in spots and she had a deep wound. She was starving and had a strong odor - of infection.

CPAW volunteers worked together to get her to an emergency vet. She was sedated multiple times to clean the wound and apply stitches outside and inside her small body.

The fact that she had a collar on tells us that at some time in her distant past, a human cared for her. But for reasons unknown, that person stopped caring and Rue became a community cat. Despite everything, Rue is incredibly sweet.

We don't know much about her past, but we do know this: her future will be one that she deserves. The bill for her initial visit came to $877. Can you help us cover Rue's medical expenses, so that we can continue our mission of reducing suffering of outdoor cats?

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