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Karen is moving away. Let's give a special thanks!

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Karen is moving away. Let's give a special thanks!

Let's do what Karen does, and work to keep families together!

Whether it's 5 am in the freezing cold or 11 pm with fresh fried chicken to use as bait, Karen is out trapping cats. Her car has logged countless miles driving to and from the People For Animals Clinic. Hotel de Shinevar is always packed with cats recovering from their spay/neuter surgeries. If they need comfort, she gives them a stuffed animal or a warm blanket to snuggle. She always blows kisses and says "I love you" as they go. She co-founded this nonprofit, saving thousands of cat lives and teaching a new crop of volunteers to save thousands more. Even with CPAW taking up so many hours of her time, she still volunteered weekly at a local food pantry. She is the ultimate example of how to practice Compassion With a Purrpose. And now, she begins the next part of her adventure. That's right. Karen Shinevar is moving home to Michigan. As president, she'll still be involved with CPAW NJ, but it won't be the same without her here. She has plenty to pack (including her 6 cats) so the best going away present we can give her is some love! Karen has worked tirelessly over the last 3+ years, and often, it's a thankless job. People who don't understand the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return can be very rude, and people who say they want to help often don't follow through. Even if handling a location goes well, working in animal welfare is a never-ending cycle. There's always another cat in need. Please join us in giving our thanks to Karen by supporting a cause very close to her heart.

COVID-19 has brought on an unprecedented economic crisis, and our neighbors are suffering. Pets are being surrendered to local shelters or abandoned in hopes that they'll survive on the streets somehow. Let's do what Karen has always done and work to keep families together.

Our goal is to raise $500 for cat food to be given to a local food pantry in Karen's honor. Any amount you can give will bring her joy. Be sure to leave her a message with your donation!

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